Let's make those dreams come true. But first, let's figure out the basics. Custom work can be broken into two main categories:

  • Custom design:  creating a new piece from scratch
  • Personalization:  adding a personal touch to existing products 

We welcome inquiries in both areas, but they're very different beasts. Read more below to find out which makes the most sense for your project.

Custom Design

Looking for something totally unique? We're always open to custom order ideas. It important to note that there's a tremendous amount of time and work that goes into creating the first of anything. If you're on a budget, custom work isn't a good option. Generally speaking, Krakatoa's custom work starts at $300. Still interested? Great! Send over all the details using the form so we can get the process started. 


See something on the site and want to make it your own? Almost all of the offerings on the site can be personalized with laser etching. Add a name, a monogram, love note, logo, or whatever your heart desires. 

Prices vary based on complexity, size of artwork, and the item that is being personalized. Minimum order is $100 (not counting personalization costs). Additional lead time for personalization is typically two weeks..

Designing custom artwork is also an option. Custom artwork starts at $75. 

Use the form to send over as much info as possible so we can get back to you with a quote. 


Custom Maps

Excited about making a new map? Ditto. In fact, we're so excited we made a separate page about custom maps. Head there for all info you'll need to get the ball rolling. 


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