Milling Basics

Architectural woodworking, milling, miscellaneous jobs; whatever you call it, we're happy to help. 

Here's a quick rundown on all the essentials:


Shop labor is billed at $90 per hour,  Minimum labor is 1/2 hour.

A few exceptions to standard billing:

  • Belt sanding (up to 30" wide) - $120/hr
  • Resawing - $90/hr, but requires a $30 set-up charge
  • Special tooling - if any special equipment (custom router bit, etc.) is required, those costs are added to the total price
  • Sharpening - if the work involves a material that is especially tough on blades, applicable sharpening charges will be added to final bill

Turn around time is dependent on existing work schedule, scope of work, and shop activity. If you have a need-by date, please make sure to communicate it. As a rough ball park, typical turn around times are:

Small jobs (less than 3 hours of work)  - usually can be completed within a week of drop off. 

Larger or complex jobs (3+ hours of work, anything requiring special materials, etc.) - two to four weeks

Rush jobs - Under the gun? Need something FAST? If we can pull it off, we will, but it costs extra. Typically about 30% extra. Get in touch to talk through the details and make sure it's feasible. 

Turn Around

Most domestic hardwoods and plywoods are no problem. 

Exotic hardwoods can be brutal on shop equipment, so check in if you're working with teak, ipe, etc.

Composites, laminates, and any other products that include non-wood stuff are accepted on a case-by-case basis. 

Material limitations

Questions that will be asked at some point:

  • Are you providing the material or would you like us to source it?
  • When does it need to be completed by?
  • What will the finished dimensions be?
  • What level of sanding?
  • Does it need finishing?
  • Delivery or drop off?