Custom Maps

Few things get us excited like custom work. If you can dream up a custom map, we can make it happen. To help get the process started, we'll need to figure out a few key considerations. 

Cost is determined on a case by case basis. Once we have the essential info (use the form below) we can compile a quote for you, but custom work generally starts around $400.

Level of detail

How much information would you like incorporated into the map? We offer a range from just geographic borders to every street in the neighborhood. Roadways, trails, parks, bodies of water, mountains, landmarks—everything is on the table, but more data takes more time and thus costs more.


Any map can be made up to 24”x36” without adding complexity or cost. Want to go bigger? Let’s do it. There are no limitations as to how big the maps can be. Cover your lobby wall, turn that conference room into the talk of the town, or inspire your kids to dream big with a huge world map.  Maps larger than 24" x 36" start around $1200.

Hanging options

Any map 24"x36" or smaller is available with either a solid frame or hanging bars. Larger maps require a full frame.

Lets get this party started

Fill out the form with as much information as possible and we'll be back in touch soon to talk specifics. 

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What shall we put on this custom map?