Destination: Portland, Oregon

Whenever possible, we like to launch any new addition to the Krakatoa cork map collection with a celebratory adventure. Portland offered a dreamy combination: accessible flights, winter friendly weather, and so, so much stuff to see. 

We assembled the gang - Nick Dunlap of StudioNGD, the visual mastermind behind Krakatoa’s brand, the cork maps and this video; Alex Evangelista, hand model, music maker (he’s responsible for the track in the video), and perpetually happy travel companion; and me, Jeff, the guy who makes the maps. 

Prior to hitting the road we reached out to all of you, our favorite customers and fans, to create a list of what we should do/see/eat in Portland. That list ended up being an overwhelming catalog that couldn’t possibly be tamed in 72-hours. It was a tall order, but we did the best we could. Here’s a look at how it panned out.