Haystack Residency Reflection

If you venture far enough north along the jagged Maine coastline you'll find a small craft wonderland. Perched atop a rocky island across the bay from Acadia National Park, Haystack Mountain School of Craft has been a seminal institution for craft education since long before I was born. 

Prior to the start of summer classes, Haystack hosts a residency program for artists and craftspeople from around the country, free of charge if you're accepted. It's a chance to dig into new projects, work alongside a talented and diverse cohort, and experiment across a range of disciplines. It's an environment free of distractions and full of resources. In short, it's the sort of opportunity you don't pass up. 

I spent the bulk of my time at Haystack experimenting with different ways to join wood and metal. There's no shortage of wood and metal furniture in the world, but almost all of it relies on fasteners to connect the two elements and usually hides them away out of sight.

I'm convinced there are more elegant wood/metal joinery, and these two weeks at Haystack were my first chance to really start digging into the details. There's still lots to be worked out, but keep an eye out for some of these elements working their way into future furniture projects.