Custom Kitchen Island

Inspired by a custom bench from earlier in the year, this freestanding island was designed and built for some discriminating home cooks that needed a bit of extra working area in the kitchen. 

Functionally, the goal was to create a piece that offers additional food prep surface area up top and a storage shelf for auxiliary pots and pans below. Aesthetically, we were aiming to keep the essence of the Buerger bench while matching the finishes and materials of the existing space. 

After a comfortably crated journey to Wisconsin, the island has settled into it's new role and looks like it's been there for years. Success. 

Design prompt: make a giant cutting board with legs (and storage)
Scope of work: design, fabrication
Materials: mild steel, maple, brass
Finish: lacquer (metal), oil blend + wax (wood)
Dimensions: 32" x 30" x 24"
Completion date: 10/2016

Behind the scenes