New Shop Space

Krakatoa is on the move. Actually, allow me to rephrase: Krakatoa has moved. We're well beyond present tense territory, but I'm excited nonetheless. 

After a lovely year and a half at The Crucible, it was time for a bigger shop space with easier access. Good problems to have, but it meant moving, which is never fun.

Finding a shop space in the Bay Area is similar to finding an apartment in the Bay Area: roommates are a must, everything is more expensive than you'd like, and if you blink opportunities disappear. Despite all of that, I was able to find a great space and haven't looked back. 

Highlights of the new shop: 

  • A bunch of friendly shop-mates with 60+ years of collective experience that are always willing to share wisdom, answer questions, and indulge in my half-baked ideas.
  • BIG machines. I'll never be able to go back to a small jointer.
  • So much natural light.
  • Lots of dedicated material storage.
  • Dangerous proximity to Berkeley Bowl.

OK, enough with the words, here are some photos of the new space.