Haddon Hill Pastry Case

Haddon Hill Cafe, a cozy neighborhood shop tucked into the residential fabric on the eastern side of Lake Merritt, has quickly become one of my favorite spots.

The baristas know 95% of the customers by name, the space is airy and relaxed, pretentious attitudes are absent, and the pastries are so damn good.  

Speaking of pastries, the staff has been ramping up in-house baking and they needed a better way to display the goods. We partnered up to create this custom case so they could have a protected enclosure that matched the existing aesthetics and layout. 

The goal was to keep the frame minimal and unobtrusive, while still providing the structure necessary to secure the glass panels.  The crux of the design was finding a way to secure the glass within the framework without bulky connections. Our solution features strips of wood that wedge into the corners and hold the glass firm against the framework. Small nuts were welded to the framework, allowing us to screw through the wood and secure everything in place. It provides a solid and clean connection that doesn't attract attention away from the important stuff: the pastries.

Project specs
Scope of work: design, fabrication, installation
Materials: mild steel (lacquered), tempered glass, oak, and brass
Completion date: April 2016