Frame Time-lapse

For anyone who's ever looked into custom framing, and subsequently been astonished by the price tag, this time-lapse will help to explain why they cost so much: it takes a lot of work to make a nice frame.

This video provides an ultra-abbreviated look into all the steps required to make one of our frames, from raw lumber to finished product. 

Not a woodworker and a bit confused about all these steps? Here's an overview of what's going on:

  • Cutting down raw lumber to rough size (on the chop saw and band saw)
  • Milling it on the jointer and planer to make it flat and square
  • Cutting the milled material into smaller segments (table saw)
  • Cutting a groove to allow space for the map (using a dado set on the table saw)
  • Slicing the pieces to their finished width (table saw)
  • Adding a 45 degree angle and cutting to length (table saw)
  • Gluing up
  • Cutting a key to reinforce the corner joints (table saw)
  • Fitting a key (hand plane)
  • Trimming the excess keys off (band saw)
  • Smoothing out the surface (hand planes, scrapers and sander)
  • Adding an oil based finish