Boston Video

Last fall we decided to push the geographical range of our cork maps and expand outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. Adding new cities to the Krakatoa library offered another equally appealing opportunity: travel. 

I should back up.  By we, I'm referring to myself (Jeff, Owner of Krakatoa), and Nick, graphic design mastermind, who has been an instrumental player in all of the cork maps and Krakatoa as a whole. Nick and I met while biking cross-country and bonded over our mutual love for exploring new places, bucket lists, and human-powered transport. 

Nick is based out of NYC, my family is in Vermont, and seemingly everyone I grew up with moved to Mass, so Boston was an easy first choice.  

Before we trekked to Boston we asked friends, customers, and the internet what we should do with 48-hours in Beantown. Here's a quick video summary of what we managed to pull off.