Custom Project Highlight: Sunski Suitcase

With a rapidly growing brand and a killer sunglasses lineup, the crew at Sunskis is constantly on the road for sales meetings.  All these trips and presentations created the need for a better way to transport sample sunglasses. 

Design prompts:

-Durable enough to handle life on the road
-Provide a protected environment for the sunglasses
-Match the brand aesthetic
-No set up, no BS, make it look good the second you open it up
-Conducive to small production runs

What we came up with:


We based the design off a commercially available suitcase to avoid starting from scratch.  The inside of the cases were covered with an unexciting fabric, so step one was getting that out of the picture.  The black fabric was replaced with thin wood paneling, except for the inside of the lid, which got some special treatment.  

The lid offered a presentation space - a visual focus upon opening the case.  We found an old USGS map of Point Reyes to act as a background and then added a brochure holder, mirror, and shelf for sample packaging.  

With the interior of the case complete, the next focus were the trays.  The tray's responsibility is to protect the sunglasses in transit while presenting them in an appealing way.  We designed the trays with a system of fabric 'hammocks' to cradle the sunglasses, and keep them safe during travel. 

The final component was beefing up the latches and handle to make sure the cases will be around for the long-haul.