In the Works: Cork Maps

In the fall we moved into a new place in Oakland’s Chinatown neighborhood.  Almost immediately we were inundated with recommendations from friends about where we needed to go eat.  The streets are packed with restaurants, bakeries, markets, and cafes.  Side note - if you’re a sucker for noodles or dim sum, look no further.  

The problem is that to the untrained ear, many of the restaurants are hard to distinguish.  Quickly I learned that I needed to get these recommendations written down.  Don’t remember how to spell it? Map drawing time.  After the hand drawn maps started to pile up, it was time to take it to the next level, and thus the cork wall map was born.  

Although it was initially designed to act a recommendations board, the possibilities are endless.  Use it to show visitors how to get around, discover unknown corners of the neighborhood, or, heck, just use it as a stylish bulletin board.  Make it your own.  

The final details are still being worked out.  In the mean time, get yourself on the mailing list so you’re in the loop when it’s ready for sale.