So many spoons

We’re surrounded by countless objects that don’t demand serious consideration or investigation.  Until last month, wooden spoons fit into that category for me.  They’re in practically every kitchen, but as mass produced objects they’re boring and uninspiring.  

While helping out with an Open House at The Crucible, the shop where I do the bulk of my work, I found myself with an afternoon where I couldn’t create any dust or stray too far from my station.  The Crucible offers a class for wooden spoon carving, so we had some examples on display as part of the Open House.  Ah ha!  The perfect project given the circumstances: no need to move from the bench, no need for power tools, no noise. 

I had such a good time experimenting with carving at the Open House that I spent the next couple days working on my first batch of spoons.  These later became Christmas presents for my mom, sister, and the Jet Blue employee that miraculously got me on a flight home after I slept through the first one. 

Here’s a peak at the what goes into making a wooden spoon:

If you're excited to try your hand at some spoon making, I've posted a couple templates to use as a starting point.  Get to it!